Introduction to high strength forging die casting

Introduction to high strength forging die casting


In recent years, the company is in high grade. High strength, high density for the development of die casting has made fruitful achievements, research and development of high-grade high strength and high density pressure casting industry involved in automobile, communication, motorcycle, aviation, spaceflight, war industry, electric power, high-speed rail and other important industrial areas, mainly for the high strength, high density, high air tightness, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy key parts.
High strength and high density die casting is a complete set of automatic forming equipment which can realize advanced technology. The product is a patented product. The technology has filled the domestic blank and reached the international advanced level. The equipment is very suitable for high density, high air tightness, high strength, high mechanical properties of aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy casting production.

Scope of application
High strength die casting technology has high production efficiency, good molding effect, good air tightness and good process performance.

Automobile industry
Bearing parts: aluminum alloy piston, beam (cross beam), steering knuckle, lower arm, caliper, external caliper, braking caliper, regulator housing, brake master cylinder, engine bracket.
Wear parts: fork, connecting rod, pump housing, rocker arm.
Electrical wear parts: drum drive box (for film and television), main shaft bushing, compression ring, image drum, hot plate.
Bike stress parts: crank, direction shaft, frame joint, propeller.
High demand anodized appearance parts, electroplating parts, etc
Hydraulic and pneumatic parts with high air tightness requirements. Such as oil pump, water pump, solenoid valve, car brake pump, etc
Other: aluminum pressure cooker gallbladder and double layer induction cooker gallbladder, copper alloy valve body, sanitary ware, shaft sleeve, etc. Scope of application.

high strength forging die casting