Die-Casting Parts For Motor
Die-Casting Parts For Motor
  • Die-Casting Parts For Motor
  • Die-Casting Parts For Motor
  • Die-Casting Parts For Motor
  • Die-Casting Parts For Motor
  • Die-Casting Parts For Motor

Die-Casting Parts For Motor

The company adheres to the management concept of “brainstorming, creating the future, paying attention to details and pursuing perfection”, constantly strengthens internal management, accumulates rich die-casting production experience, pays attention to improving its own quality, and adheres to reputation first and quality first from beginning to end.

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Product Details

1. Start with part design analysis.
2. Provide analysis reports according to customer requirements to meet engineering standards.
3. Magnesium good mechanical properties, good machining performance, non-toxic, easy recovery, good electrical conductivity, heat transfer, corrosion resistance and so on
4. Mold development cycle is 25-40 days, and product sample delivery cycle is 10 days.

Product Features

1.Magnesium alloy die casting, widely used in various aluminum alloy die casting parts customization
2. At present, the most widely used is magnesium aluminum alloy, followed by magnesium manganese alloy and magnesium zinc zirconium alloy. Mainly used in automotive parts aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemical, rocket and other industrial sectors.
3. In addition, the specific strength of magnesium alloy is also higher than that of aluminum alloy and iron.

Die casting equipment for magnesium alloy parts production.

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Product Parameters

Design software Most advanced design software
Mould material 2344/S136/718/738/NAK80/P20
Aluminum alloy model ADC12/ADC10/A380/A383
Mould life 100,000-300,000SHOTS
Equipment model T800/T500/T300/T180
Cavity Single/Multi Cavity
Lead time 15-45days
Package Standard wooden box /Carton /Or according to customer’s requirement
Payment terms Advance payment 50%
Terms Of delivery FOB(shenzhent)
Certification ISO9001:2015

Service products: manufacturing process

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1. Quality tracking
We can provide full life service, 24 hours online service
2. Quality survey
We produce and manufacture products with a dedicated, professional and professional attitude, and are committed to providing customers with innovative experience of high-end technology.

manufacturing process


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